Mini Professors are just super cute! This party is specially created for the younger scientists (3 to 5 years old)

Mini professor's science party-recommended for children 3 to 5 years old

We haven't forgotten about the younger 'scienctists' with this party which has been specially adapted for younger children. Professor JellyBean is there to help them every step of the way but they'll love the extra 'sciencey' challenges that we will give them, making them feel like real scientists! BTW: If there are older siblings, they are gonna luv this party too.

Children will have heaps of fun getting messy hands while they create colourful FREAKY GOO WORMS. Freaky Goo is a common seaweed food thickener but when it’s added to our special solution, you'll get the most amazing chemical reaction, it looks like worms! Whip up a dish of squishy ARCTIC CHILL SNOW and discover how to build snow castles. Kids love this snow that never melts.  

The kids will love our 2nd snow activity which is sooo soft and grows instantly in their hands!

Each child will receive a bag to take home their science experiments that they create.

With this party, you also get the following (at no additional cost):

  • Invitations (pdf)
  • Science Party Boxes for all of the experimenting children
  • Dress up in lab coats and Science safety glasses (children keep the glasses) 
  • Colourful jelly bean tables & bright lime green chairs provided for the experimenting
  • An hour of experimenting hosted by Professor JellyBean (time may vary slightly depending on the number of children participating and their capabilities)
  • A FREE Science Gift for the Birthday child.


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