Professor JellyBean is ALWAYS a big hit with the kids at events!

We have a bright and colourful stall set up and we only require a 3 metre x 3 metre space. We do not require electricity to our site.  We usually need access to water so don't put us too far from a tap.

Because we have been doing Festivals and Events for many years, we have developed  a very efficient system to ensure children do not wait  long in line for their science activity. We have the capacity to offer our science activity/activities to a maximum of 100 children per hour. Every child that participates at the Professor JellyBean stall, goes home with what they created.

The science activity/activities that we offer at Festivals/Events, depend on the size and the duration of the event. This is something that we can discuss further with you.

For large festivals/events, where children come and go throughout the day, we charge according to the number of hours required of us. Please note that because our stall is usually very popular and busy at Events, we are unable to take money from customers so we can only be hired for these events where the event organisers pay for our service according to our rates shown below:

1 HOUR---$420.00

2 HOURS--$570.00

3 HOURS--$720.00

4 HOURS--$870.00

5 HOURS--$1020.00

6 HOURS--$1170.00

7 HOURS--$1320.00


our science activities tick all the boxes


  • Super fun
  • Hands-on
  • Gooey & Slimy
  • Awesome chemical reactions
  • Cool sciencey stuff to take home
  • Non-toxic
  • Educational
  • Expert Presenters
  • Did I mention how much fun our science activities are!?