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Use your Head, Heart & Hands

Use your Head, Heart & Hands


Discover what it takes to be an Earth Champion

Use your Head, Heart & Hands

Use your Head, Heart & Hands

Use your Head, Heart & Hands

The tools you already have to becoming an Earth Champion

The tools you already have to become an Earth Champion

earth champion challenge

Use your Head, Heart & Hands

earth champion challenge


Details coming soon. Win a prize


calendar of fun events

earth champion challenge


Be inspired to be an Earth Champion

fun with science

calendar of fun events

calendar of fun events


Hey kids, looking for some fun science activities?

calendar of fun events

calendar of fun events

calendar of fun events


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A notebook of super-powers?

A notebook of super-powers?

A notebook of super-powers?


  It's so powerful that it'll transform you into a SUPER AWESOME EARTH CHAMPION!  

what is an earth champion

An Earth Champion is someone who knows that Earth is a home to many living things, including humans, and that we are all connected to Earth's life-supporting ecosystems and 'The 4 Spheres of Life'. An Earth Champion is someone who uses their HEAD, HEART and HANDS to 'live lightly' on planet Earth.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! There's some things I need to explain before we go any further!

What does it mean to Live Lightly?

Living lightly is being mindful about the things that we do and say so that our actions DO NO HARM TO PEOPLE & PLANET. Sometimes this can be a tricky thing to do and requires us to RETHINK our behaviours. The good news is, this page is all about coming up with solutions to RETHINK our relationship with Earth, and I'm sure you'll have some fun along the way!

Now let's talk about 'The 4 Spheres of Life'

Earth is made up of parts called spheres. Think of theses spheres as different layers wrapped around earth. These spheres are important for Earth's life-supporting ecosystems (or just systems for short) because they all interact and work together to provide just the right conditions for life. That's pretty great for us human beings and all the other living things on this planet! The problem is, when the systems within the spheres of life are not doing so well, they will change the other spheres, and usually, these changes are not so great.


Introducing The 4 Spheres of Life:

  1. The Atmosphere> AIR
  2. The Hydrosphere> WATER
  3. The Geosphere> ROCKS & SOIL

Every living thing, including us humans, are connected to the 4 spheres of life. We NEED these spheres to function properly and that's why it's so important that we all care for these parts of earth and their life-supporting ecosystems.

Let me give you an example of a sphere not functioning properly: If water (part of the hydrosphere) is polluted with litter, chemicals or other yucky stuff, then living things that drink the polluted water can become unhealthy. See how we're connected to the Hydrosphere!

REMEMBER: "When we take care of Earth, we take care of ourselves"

Being an Earth Champion means RETHINKING  the way we do some things. And for us to do this, it's good to have a guide which helps us to be fair and kind to the planet and all living things. The Earth Charter is an AWESOME guide to help us to RETHINK our relationship with Earth and the greater community of life. Check out our EARTH CHAMPION ACTIONS which support the Earth Charter values and principles.(COMING SOON)


head, heart, & hands

Using your HEAD

When we use our head, we are using that amazing organ, the brain! Human-beings are super awesome; not just because we can create super amazing things such as spaceships and hot fudge brownie sundaes, but because there's no stopping our incredible imaginations. Did you know a well known scientist called Albert Einstein once said, " Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world"  

WOW, I absolutely love that saying, but let's be clear, he's not saying knowledge is unimportant, so keep going to school!

An Earth Champion is always learning new things to care for the 4 spheres of life and they use their imaginations to create a better future. Earth Champions are not afraid to dream big and share their ideas.


Using your HEART

Using our heart means being kind, grateful and an overall caring person. An Earth Champion respects and cares for Earth's ecosystems and the people around them. 


Using your HANDS

This one is all about action! Getting in there and doing what needs to be done. An Earth Champion will do what they can (be a hummingbird-see the video below), to help care for Earth's ecosystems and the 4 spheres of life




A book of super-powers

There's a whole lot more to the Earth Charter than the introduction above. It's full of principles, values, pillars and BIG words. UGG! This is starting to sound confusing! Don't worry about all that 'wordy stuff' because we're here to help you to figure out what the Earth Charter is all about. Think of the Earth Charter as a secret book of super-powers, except that we don't want it to be a secret. We want everyone to understand the Earth Charter because it's words are so powerful that it'll transform you into a SUPER AWESOME EARTH CHAMPION!

To put it simply, the Earth Charter was created to help you (and a whole pile of other people) to be the best that we can be (but I still like calling it a book of super-powers!)

Coming Soon:

  1. Let's decode the more of the Earth Charter
  2. Earth Champion Actions
  3. Earth Champion Competition
  4. Calendar of really cool, super fun events!!!

Learn More

Stay tuned while we continue to work on this page to bring you more information. If you would really, like to read the "REAL" Earth Charter, click the link 


Earth Champion Actions

Now that you know what the Earth Charter is about, it's time to take action. This is what the Earth Charter is all about. They call it, "turning conscience into action" which really means, if you know it's the right thing to do, you should do it!

Okay, so this is where Professor JellyBean wants to help you out a bit by providing some ideas for Earth Champion Actions that you can get started on.

And remember, Professor JellyBean would love to hear all about your actions, so in 2020 we will be launching the Earth Champion's Challenge and being asking you to send us your handwritten story or a short video about your positive actions. More details about this coming soon.



Earth Champions, be inspired!

This video is a story of the hummingbird who had a difficult problem to overcome. It's a story to inspire you to do the best that you can when things seem impossible. 

"I will be a hummingbird" is presented by Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. The story is an extract from "Dirt! The Movie"