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Freaky Fun Science Parties for Kids

Dress up like a scientist and create amazing hands-on experiments. Have your birthday party presented by Professor JellyBean at your home, park or chosen venue (please note that we can no longer host events at restaurants or similar). Heaps of fun for boys and girls of all ages.

See what's included with each party

We have Science Parties to suit young children (3 to 5 years) & Science Parties to challenge and amaze the older kids as well. Choose from one of our 5 Professor JellyBean Science Parties to have the best birthday ever!  Jump to the Party Information

Are you within the council region that we travel to?

We can visit you at the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane and Redland region.

Professor JellyBean can also visit the following council regions, however, there will be an additional $50 travel fee included to the following regions: Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Somerset

Party times available:

Monday to Friday—after school parties (anytime)

Saturday and Sunday—10:00am or 12:30pm or 3:00pm (we recommend that you invite the children at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled activities)

On the day of the party, Professor JellyBean arrives 15 to 30 minutes before she is due to start the experimenting with the kids.

Professor JellyBean Science Parties

FAQ's--Happy to help with any queries

We charge $21.00/child with a minimum requirement of 16 children or the equivalent fee.

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Recommended for children 5 years & older


Recommended for children 7 years & older


Recommended for children 8 years & older


  Recommended for children 8 years & older 


how much will it cost?


We charge $21.00 per child for all of our Professor JellyBean Science Parties. These parties can be for  Birthday Party ideas or other party events. We have a minimum requirement of 16 children or the equivalent fee. Oh, BTW, we only charge for the children participating in the science activities, so if you tell us 20 children are invited but only 18 turn up, then we only charge for the 18. Did I mention how we are very honest and fair.


How much does a party cost?

 $21.00/child with a minimum requirement of 16 children or the equivalent fee (It’s okay to have less than 16 children but the minimum rate starts at $336.00 which is 16 children x $21) 

How do I pay?

 No deposit is taken to secure science parties, a birthday party (just your details will confirm a party) and payment for the party is made on the day of the party. We only accept cash. Sorry but we are unable to accept credit cards. 

Do I need to make up party bags?

We've got you covered! We have birthday party 'boxes' for the children experimenting at all of our science parties.  With all their experiments and party box, they'll go home with a lot of 'stuff' So I’ll leave that up to you if you wanted to provide extra goodies to the children. 

Can I put extra stuff into the party boxes that you supply?

 No, unfortunately that will not be possible (for public liability reasons) and it's unlikely that there will be room for more stuff. 

How much space will Professor JellyBean require to setup?

 Professor JellyBean requires a minimum space of 3m x 3m for science parties. We bring card table sized tables for the kids to work at so it’s easy to fit these in almost anywhere. Let us help to organise your birthday party ideas

Where’s the best place for Professor JellyBean to set up?

 We recommend an outside area for science parties, a birthday party whether it be on a patio, in a garage, on a deck, out on the grass (please ensure there is shade for the children particularly in summer). We do not recommend a carpeted area or smooth slippery tiles.

Can I have the Party at a park or other venue?

 Yes, just make sure there is access to water at the park. We no longer conduct science parties, a birthday party at restaurants or similar venues. We can, however, conduct a party at a hired hall. 

What time does Professor JellyBean arrive to set up?

 Depending on the number of children attending the birthday party, science parties, Professor JellyBean will arrive anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before the experimenting is due to start. 

We recommend that you invite the children at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the experiments to ensure they all arrive on time.

How long do the kids spend with Professor JellyBean?

 They will spend  one hour with Professor JellyBean. Times may vary slightly due to the number of children attending or the weather conditions. 

Will it make a mess?

 Yes/Maybe, it may be messy but it's a mess that can be cleaned up. Most of the mess is made on our tables which we will clean and take away with us. Some colours may stain sandstone type tiles. It is not recommended to do the activities over a carpeted area or on a smooth tiled area. Some of our products can be slippery when spilled onto a smooth surface so we advise a quick clean-up of the area when we remove our tables.

Are the science activities safe?

 Yes. The Professor JellyBean team is committed to carrying out regular risk assessments to ensure that our fun science parties are conducted safely. All foreseeable hazards are eliminated or closely monitored by following strict policies and procedures.  Please let us know if you require full details of the products used. 

Are there nuts, dairy or eggs used in the activities?

No. There are no nut, egg or dairy products used.

Please let us know of any other allergy concerns you may have. 

What if the kids or dogs eat the experiments?

Our products are non-toxic (some of our ingredients are actually food grade ingredients). If you have any concerns, please contact us.

BTW, it tastes disgusting! 


 Yes definitely. Even though we recommend our science parties, for children 4 years & older, if there are a few extra younger kids (no younger than 2 ½ years of age please) Professor JellyBean can assist them. Parents are welcome to assist with younger children. A Professor JellyBean birthday party, Science Parties are a wonderful tactile & visual experience for all children.  We have the best birthday party ideas to offer

Is the Professor JellyBean party host good with children?

Absolutely! We've been doing this for 15 years so we know what children like and how to communicate with them in a positive and fun way. We have 2 "Professor's"  (Marissa & Alicia) with many years of experience working with children.

Our Professors are also Mums with young children.


Are the Professor's real scientists?

We are not real scientists at Professor JellyBean but we certainly know all of the super fun 'sciencey stuff' and ways to keep children entertained at science parties, birthday party! Plus, we know what parents want to ensure their event runs smoothly. Discover who we are.


 With all Professor JellyBean Science Parties, birthday party, you receive the following (at no additional cost):

  • Invitations (pdf)
  • Science Party Boxes for all of the experimenting children
  • Dress up in lab coats and Science safety glasses (kids keep their safety glasses)
  • Colourful jelly bean tables and bright lime green chairs provided for the experimenting
  • An hour of experimenting presented by Professor JellyBean(Time may vary slightly depending on the number of children participating)
  • A FREE Science Gift for the Birthday child.

NOTE: Additional party boxes can be purchased (for children not participating in the science experiments) @ $10 each